31. May 2016 • BLOG

Dast – Ain’t Got Her (Elevate, ELV47)

Dast (aka Daniele Strazzullo) >was born in 1990 under the sun of Naples, Italy. Dast made his first steps into nightlife in a town which offers a beautiful mixture of sounds and music culture. In 2012, together with his fellow French-Italian dj Julien Sandre, Dast produced the track “Wanna Be” played on Jamie Jones label “Hot Creations” various artists album. Jamie himself plays this track many times as part of his dj sets around the globe, consecrating Dast as a promising young talent in dance music. Later that year the track “Reality” was released on the same label. 2014 see the rise of Dast.
His “Alpha Centauri” launched by the well known label “LIEBE*DETAIL” was also major success.  At this point he changed his production style in an attempt to create something new, special which is found on the EP “Architect” out on Luca Agnellis label Etruria Beat.
His actual work and EP is released on Pig&Dans label Elevate, so let’s dive directly into it…

Tracklist: Dast – Ain’t Got Her (Elevate, ELV47)

01. Spiritual
02. Spiritual (Luca Agnelli rmx)
03. Ain’t Got Her
04. Orange Bud
05. Renaissance
06. Sirenize

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19. May 2016 • BLOG

Hatzler – AccenT – (Stil vor Talent, SVL165)

Hamburg based german DJ and producer Mathias Hatting aka Hatzler started already in the mid 90ties with various projects and releases as artist on labels like Injection, Confused, Bush, Superstition, Spiel-Zeug, Terrace. Most successful was the Duo Motion Unit with buddy André Winter on Oliver Huntemann`s imprint Confused Recordings.
For a couple of years he wanted to experiment with other musical genres, working as a freelance sound-designer, soundtrack composer and production developer and built up a studio for that. Now he is returning to electronic dance music where all his experience comes together. And this is how it’s sounds like …

Tracklist: Hatzler – AccenT (Stil vor Talent, SVL165)

01. SkyT
02. KreaT
03. SkyT (Sian Remix)
04. SkyT (Viktor Ruiz Remix)

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26. April 2016 • ARTISTS, BLOG, TECH

Jan Willem Hagenbeek of Ginko Synthese

Jan Willem Hagenbeek

Jan Willem gave a live performance at C-Base, the hackerspace in Berlin, on April 3, 2016, which was a workshop and afterparty of the 1st Superbooth16 Synthesizer festival. Other artist/module designers were also giving live performances, including Snazzy FX, Befaco, Rebel Technologies and 000.


Jan has been performing for 14 years, ten years of which he gave collaborative performances with his friend Martin Epskamp, who performs as Klankman on Bunker Records. He performs mostly solo now, creating a live art experience on stage, and uploading music to Soundcloud sometimes as Colloid. Jan was on a personal search for what he wanted in his modular system, which led to his first designs.

Designing modules available to the public as Ginko Synthese for 4 years, Jan initially started out as an architect. He believes there is an overlap in the design of architectural structures and synthesizer components. Jan has no engineering background but is embodying the true spirit of DIY, 100% self-taught via the internet, printing out schematics and finding out the ‘what, how and why’ they work the way they do, utilizing trial-and-error based techniques. His first module that he put on the market was the TTLFO, and within 3 days he had requests for 100+ modules.


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19. April 2016 • BLOG, EVENT

Superbooth16 retrospective

We now have received the official figures, a total of over 3,000 visitors have found their way to Berlin into the Funkhaus. These were great days, absolutely brilliant, in all areas! But read for yourself …

We had deliberately chosen to go on Friday, the 2nd day of the fair. And we should also be right with this decision. According to reports, there was a overwhelming rush on the first day of the fair, which should speak for the success and the skill of Andreas Schneider to bring the right people and companies on board.

We also wanted on board, in fact that of the 9:30 ferry that took off on time. As being a Berliner, you are used to the always late on time trains, so we missed the boat promptly. But fortunately, we know the east of the city very well. By tram 21 from the Frankfurter Tor went quickly to Nalepastr. 18. The location is right beside the old Club Rechenzentrum where 2009 pretty good parties were held, among others the Beat Street, an intense party series which died over the years.

The Funkhaus Ost is an impressive architectural complex, and at first you had to wander around it, until you got to the block B and the entrance. But the trip was worth it. The marble floor in the foyer and the tall pillars let you imagine what a historic place it had once been. In its heyday in the 1970s about 5000 employees worked here.

The Super Booth crew was immediately recognized by the beige coats, presumably the traditional working clothing from the early days of the broadcasting house. All these details made you feel the charm of the East of the 50s / 60s which put you  pleasantly into the past; a nice contrast to the future of music creation and music design which was displayed here.

Over the next two days there was plenty to see and to try out, just look at the photos, as usual pictures are far more expressive than words.

Superbooth16 Photos

Superbooth16 Photos

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14. April 2016 • BLOG, EVENT

ISF goes Africa(Burn) // Tankwa Town Map + Survival Guide + WTF Guide 2016

Well friends, while you reading this, the itsoundsfuture team is in their Love Spaceship on their way on it’s next big adventure. Course: Tankwa, South Afrika. Why? AfrikaBurn calling. Hell yeah!

We already got allocated our landing zone. We are the horseshoe next to 2′ o’clock Binnekring Playa (see first image). There is our camp and tribe, the Opium Gentlemen’s Club. Yep, don’t ask, strange name but awesome people. We are the biggest camp on the playa with the most space, therefore you won’t overlook it. Theme camp No. 1. So come around when you are here. Wednesday for example, because this is our biggest night teaming up with Flow Arts Commune and drum roll please … the Spirit Train! On Friday our captain plays on the Bunny Burn Night, and is taking a mischievous pleasure in it already. On  will be

We are also part of the selected group which gained early Access, so gates will open for us at on 20.04. Official start of the Burn is on 25.04 and lasts till 01.05,  thus the Man burns on 30.04. We listed below the most important infos and documentations you need for the Burn.





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12. April 2016 • BLOG, TECH

Skram – iOS app by creators of Björk and Daft Punk stage tech offers music creation for all

Berlin, Germany – April  2016 – Liine recently released Skram – Electronic Music Maker for iPad. Skram gives users everything they need to create electronic music. The app enables fans to make music with convincing results and provides an immediate tool for seasoned musicians.

For those who are unfamiliar with Liine, they also brought the legendary Jazzmutant Lemur to the iPad, a multi-touch screen device created in 2005, 5 years ahead the iPad. Among the team are more widely known musicians like Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva.

“We realised there was a need for an accessible platform, something to enable fans to make the music they like without feeling patronised” says Liine’s CEO Gareth Williams. “We felt that we could build something that inspires existing musicians too, for whom simplicity stimulates creativity, freedom and fun.”

So lets dive into the official video to see Skram in action:


App structure
Skram consists of 4 expressive synth and drums ‘Devices’. ORPHIC (Synth), HEATSTROKE (Synth), SKRAM (Acid Bass) and BR-909 (Drums). Users will soon be able to choose from a wide range covering many genres.

Skram Devices: ORPHIC (Synth), HEATSTROKE(Synth), SKRAM(Acid Bass), BR-909(Drums)

Skram Devices: ORPHIC (Synth), HEATSTROKE(Synth), SKRAM(Acid Bass), BR-909(Drums)


Each device contains a so called ‘Widget’ to create musical patterns. There are three different widgets: Arpeggiator, Drum Sequencer and Pitch Sequencer.

Skram Widgets: Arpeggiator, Drum Sequencer and Pitch Sequencer.

Skram Widgets: Arpeggiator, Drum Sequencer and Pitch Sequencer.


With the global feature you can change the speed of the song (bpm), record and export your performance (via email), and you can change the key as well as the scale. With the selection of a key, the complementary harmonic keys will be highlighted (in terms of harmonic relationships on the circle of fifths). That’s a fancy feature! Here you can learn about harmony if you aren’t that familiar with the theory. There is also a mixer to control the volume of each device.

Skram keys and scales.

Skram keys and scales.


SKRAM (Acid bass)
If you love acid, you will fall instantly in love with this instrument. The quality of the bass sound is incredible. Go from dry silky bass to screaming acid. Use the Pitch Sequencer to create bass lines up to 16 steps. Accent mode for the next version strongly desired by us.

The HEATSTROKE creates the lead sounds of your session. Turn knobs Wow, Dirt, Sick and Filter to sculpt frequencies that cut through the mix.

BR-909 (Drums)
Classic dancefloor drums. Kick, Snare, Closed Hihat, Open Hihat, Tom and Clap. You can tune each sound with the following four parameter: Level, Length, Pitch and Special. This will add your very unique sound signature to the drums. In the Drum Sequencer you program the rhythm. Here you can also set the pitch level for every step per instrument.

ORPHIC (Synth)
Kind of dreamy bells, in conjunction with the Arpeggiator THE perfect combo for all kinds of techno. And of course other genres. Special pitch effects give Orphic its unique flavor, so much fun to fiddle around with this synth.

Quick Start guide

The Quick Start guide kickstarts you into music creation. I have to say, the app is very intuitive by itself, so I did not need it to get going. But go through it to explore Skram to its fullest. Listen to the recording I came up in the first 30 minutes playing around with it:



Skram is available on the App Store at an initial price of $4.99 / £3.99. Skram is designed for iPad and requires OS 9.0 or newer.

App Store Link:


What makes this application a great tool, are two things: the very intuitive user guidance plus a really good sound. That makes it very addictive and fun to play, you get instantly hooked on.
In its current version, 1.1.0, it’s a very basic feature set. What is missing is a save option for your current session. But because you’re very fast creating a session, you will export it in one go. So there is a certain room of future improvements, but again, it’s already real fun to play with this initial version and you will love the sound.

So we are already excited what devices and widgets are coming next, and looking at the other products of this company, we believe there are good things to come.

Visit to learn about future plans.



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7. April 2016 • BLOG, EVENT

Superbooth16 photo gallery

Evaluation of the music fair very shortly here on ISF, so let’s have a look at the photos first.

Superbooth (75 pics)


Moog Island (20)


Roland (7)


Richie Hawtin (9)


SchneidersTalk I (6)


SchneidersTalk II (8)

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1. April 2016 • BLOG, MUSIC

Alpha 606 – RMXD (Interdimensional Transmissions, IT 34)

Alpha 606 is back in 2016 with Alpha 606 RMXD on Interdimensional Transmission, featuring reworks from Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, BMG & Erika.
Profile: “Born in Miami to Cuban immigrants, Alpha 606 is a multitalented multi instrumentalist. His innovation is in blending the varied history of Electro, 20th Century Avant Garde and his native Cuban influences, ranging from the ritual music of Santeria to the Afro Cuban highs of 1930’s Havana. With this stew of influences, he creates a dense and colorful sound, melding advanced electronics with intricately played live hand drums. His style is the definition of a new sound, known as Electrónica Afro-Cubano.”
Last seen in 2010 with an EP for Cultivated Electronics, it’s good to see his return and we hope to hear more from the artist in the near future. Here’s our take on the tracks:

Tracklist: Alpha 606 – RMXD (Interdimensional Transmissions, IT 34)

A1 808 Trax (Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir RMX)
A2 808 Trax (Original)

B1 Armambo (BMG RMX)
B2 We Leave Tonight (Erika RMX)


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29. March 2016 • BLOG, EVENT

SUPERBOOTH16@Funkhaus Berlin – Get Ready!

Berlin has finally returned to a good music fair! From the 31st of March to 2nd of April the new synth and electronics trade fair Superbooth16 will be here in the capital. So it’s the day after tomorrow, so get our tickets now if you don’t have purchased them yet.

Initiator is Andreas Schneider, the experienced reader knows him from his SchneidersBuero & SchneidersLaden, the address in Berlin ( as well as nationwide ) for friends of electronic sound generation, analog synthesizers and modular systems as well as holy pilgrimage in the world. It is not surprising that almost all of the Who-is-who follows his reputation in the industry: “Over 100 exhibitors are registered for SUPERBOOTH16 with the larger synthesizer names like Yamaha and Roland, classic specialists like Dieter Doepfer (Original Kraftwerk Synthesizer maker) through many self-made and smaller exhibitors like Make Noise and others. Also, classic manufacturers of keyboard instruments like Dave Smith and leading software companies like Ableton or Native Instruments will also be present to show and demonstrate their latest developments. As renowned artists there will be Richie Hawtin (Minus Records), Daniel Miller (Mute Records founder), Gareth Jones (producer of Depeche Mode, Can, Nick Cave, Einstürzende Neubauten), T.Raumschmiere (Shitkatapult) and Instantboner. ” – Get to know Andreas as well as the perfect selected location in the following video. And read his interview.

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25. March 2016 • BLOG, MUSIC

Cleric – The Key Of Night (Figure, FIGURE72)

“Young UK-based producer Cleric has established himself not only as a bona fide new talent and key player in the International Techno world, but also as a prolific artist on Figure.” Yep, his latest EP “The Key of Night” for Figure reflects this statement positively. Could be an influence of his hometown Manchester, with quite a history thinking of the Hacienda and lots of other astonishing artists. So let’s get into prayer mode and listen to Cleric.

Tracklist: Cleric – The Key Of Night (Figure, FIGURE72)

01. The Key Of Night
02. The Key Of Dawn
03. ZeroSevenTwo
04. Solar Fields

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